Posted by Nergiz Erden le Aug 12, 2020 4:48:00 PM

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An innovative service

Since 2015, XP LOG works by using the innovative services from the temporary work agency called Randstad In House Services (RIS). Indeed, Randstad proposes an efficient solution for the HR management. This agency supports the companies and help them to keep their production goals by proposing to them workforce depending on their needs.

Since then, a HR team composed by 2 people is working at XP LOG in our site of Saint Vigor d’Ymonville. Thanks to this location, we benefit from a direct contact with the HR team. But also, Randstad can better understand our wok conditions and also our needs. This is how RIS can provide us high qualified workers.


Benefits for XP LOG

By choosing this new king of organisation, XP LOG benefits from many advantages such as:

  • An improvement of the productivity;
  • A decrease of the costs related to the HR management;
  • The possibility to anticipate the unexpected events that will allow the continuity of the activity;
  • The learning of many legal skills that allow us to have well and safe defined work conditions for our employees;
  • Services that are precise and tailored;
  • The flexibility of the actions that is settled-up.

Those many advantages allow our logistics company to improve its productivity and its efficiency. In addition, the implementation of RIS at XP LOG allows us to better anticipate our customers’ expectations. The only goal is to improve the quality of our logistics services and satisfy our customers.


The RIS process

In order to provide a high quality service, Randstad In House (RIS) follows at first precise steps such as:

1- An analysis of the needs and constraint of XP LOG thanks to some discussions with the managers;

2 – A total immersion on site;

3 – An in-depth study of the jobs where XP LOG needs temporary workers;

4 – A forecast analysis of the financial savings related to the setting-up of RIS;

5 – The definition of the common objective between XP LOG and RIS;

6 – An effective hiring of qualified workers for each job.

Moreover, the follow-up how smooth is the collaboration between XP LOG and RIS. This is done through many actions such as:

  • An everyday presence of the account manager;
  • Meetings two times per month in order to speak about KPI’s and goals;
  • A control of the customer satisfaction.