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Logistics in Le Havre

If XP LOG took the decision of being located in Normandy – Le Havre, this was not randomly. Le Havre is a city that gather many necessary factors that allows a logistician to do its job perfectly and efficiently.


Le Havre: a geographical location with many advantages

Indeed, Le Havre is located by the Sea La Manche. Located at the center of the axis of La Seine, it allows the city to be near to the Parisian Basin. It is easily accessible by the Seine. Le Havre is considered as the entry door toward the capital. 

In addition, within a distance of 300km, Le Havre gives an access to 20 million of potential consumers. The metropolis has also an easy acess to an european multimodal transport network composed by:

  • 130 ports that are connected and that serve 40 countries;
  • Regular railway services with more than 60 per weeks toward 15 different locations;
  • 40 services per week within the 500 kilometers of waterways.

This is why Le Havre is an key location for the logisticians.


The dynamic port of Le Havre

Thanks its activities, the port of le havre is the 1st port of Container in France. This is explained by the fact that the port is part of the European Northern Range. Its geographical location and its reputation are one of the global leader in the harbor area. In particulat thanks to international business which means import that are directly coming from Asia or America. The same for french goods that are going to many location in the world.

This port has other advantages such as:

  • The connection with more than 600 international ports through 75 waterways;
  • The loest transit time betwen Europe and the world;
  • Accessible 24h/24 and 7d/7;
  • Quick clearance : in average 3 min 23;
  • A VAT examption for the goods stored in warehouses under custom such as the XP LOG’s.

The port of Le Havre is a strategic economical player in the world.


A metropolis based on the transport and logistics 

The metropolis of Le Havre is specialized in the transport and logistics through many complete trainings and studies provided such as:

  • L’Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Logistiques (ISEL), which is one of the 5 French School that gives the title of Logistics engineer;
  • La CCI & Caux, Promotrans and the AFTRAL which are organization specilized in the transportn the logistics, the maritime activities and the ports;
  • l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) and Institut Portuaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche (IPER) which are specialized in ports and the maritime activities;
  • And a lot more…

This is why the metropolis is an economical center which has many qualified jobs in the transport and logistics area.

In our dedicated page, you could find more informations related to the logsitics in Le Havre.