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In order to satisfy one of its customers, XP LOG chose to innovate in its storage system by equipping its new cell with shuttle racks. Indeed, since mid-December 2019, we have been operating in an additional cell. In order to meet the growing demand of storage spaces. This kind of shuttle racks storage allows better use of the available space both on the surface and on the height. In addition, this kind of storage rack is perfectly suited to homogeneous products with low rotation and large quantity of pallets by reference.

There are many advantages related to this kind of storage:

– Full optimization of the available space;

– Remove of aisles between shelves;

– Rigorous control of entries and exits of pallets.

By setting-up a shuttle racks storage system, the storage capacity increased by 18% compared to a conventional rack system. The use of robots guarantees fluid and flexible management of the stored pallets. This cell is now the most optimized of the XP LOG cells in the Prologis Park at Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville. With an exceptional amount of pallet stored in a limited space. This record is possible to reach thanks to the flexibility and responsiveness of our teams whom we thank. If you want to know more about our classic storage rack systems, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated page related to storage racks.


The setting-up of the shuttle racks project

The project was discussed in 2016. But it was only in September 2019 that one of our customers made the decision to use this technology. Thanks to the efficiency of our teams, the warehouse has been fully functional since January 13, 2020.

This new storage area allows XP LOG to continue its human and material investments such as handling equipment as well as the setting up of a project team.

XP LOG would like to thank the method manager, the project managers as well as the QSHE manager for their involvement and the implementation of this innovative storage rack project.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts if you would like more information about this new type of storage rack.

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