XP LOG at FRANCE 2 – report on the port of Le Havre

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Report le Havre vs Antwerp

For the 8 p.m. newspaper of January 24, 2020, France 2 decided to report on the activity of the port of Le Havre compared to that of Antwerp.

In order to provide the vision of a logistician, Olivier JEAN BAPTISTE, the managing director of XP LOG, 1st logistician in Le Havre, was interviewed to highlight the advantages of the port of Le Havre compared to that of Antwerp.

The report was relevant during the period of disruption related to the retirement pension reform. The period would make us think that the port of Antwerp would be a more dynamic port and would not suffer as many strikes as in France today.

But this should not make us forget that the port of Le Havre has many advantages that we have already described. (CF article on the advantages of logistics in Le Havre). Proximity of logisticians to port terminals (which makes the unloading of containers easier).

1. The cost of real estate (including land);
2. The quality, availability and competitiveness of the workforce;
3. The proximity of training centers dedicated to logistics and transport (ISEL, DUT, BTS, IPER in Le Havre)
4. Security: HAROPA has its own Port Police (130 sworn and armed agents). This represents an advantage for the safety of the goods
5. Le Havre is a port which has no tidal constraint.


Unique solutions of XP LOG, a logistics expert in Le Havre since more than 20 years

Finally, there are the advantages of XP LOG. In this context, it is interesting to note that we have a real advantage. This is thanks to our 20,000 m² container park. This allows us to store the containers in advance on our site. In addition, like all our warehouses, it is bonded and secured. This is therefore a double advantage for XP LOG and its customers!

This tool allows the priority unloading of containers stored in the yard and avoid parking fees at the terminals (check article benefits of the fleet).

Thanks to this intervention, the managing director of XP LOG was able to end the report on a positive note. Because although the current situation is complicated, our teams are flexible and manage to meet customer expectations. Even though the port is not as dynamic as it normally is. Although the situation is exceptional. Finally, it is important to highlight the work of the teams, who, through their flexibility, provide solutions to customers.

The video of Oliver JEAN BAPTISTE's interview is available below for those who did not had the chance to watch it.