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An innovative storage system

Since September 2020, XP LOG has been supporting a new client in the outsourcing of its logistics. Previously internalized, its choice of logistics subcontracting allows it to refocus on its core business.

With the aim of optimizing and streamlining logistics operations, XP LOG chos a new storage system by equipping its cell with dynamic racks for parcels (with narrow aisles). This type of storage aims in particular to improve logistics productivity while optimizing space and flows through appropriate management of inputs and outputs.

cubiscan xplog  cubiscan xplog


The advantages of this kind of shelving are:
  • Better use of storage space. Dynamic parcel racks are therefore suitable when the number of references in picking is high;
  • Optimal product rotation with application of the FIFO (First in, first out) system;
  • No passage interference. The parcels are entered on one side (filling) of the dynamic shelving and parcel picking is done on the opposite side (picking);
  • Increased productivity when preparing orders;
  • Etc ...


The implementation of an innovative tool that measure and weight products

The Cubiscan is a tool used for measuring objects of different kind of size and irregular or cubic shapes. The sizing and weighing of objects are carried out with great precision thanks to infrared technology. The data collected by Cubiscan are directly transfered and integrated into our WMS (Warehouse Management System).

There are many advantages in using this tool such as:

  • Optimization of storage locations;
  • Order preparation adapted to the products;
  • The implementation of pre-packing;
  • Anticipation of shipping costs based on reliable weight data.

    Thanks to these investments, XP LOG continues to offer a tailor-made service adapted to the needs of its customers, providing for storage of more than 10,000 references.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts if you have any questions.

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